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Choosing the Best Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist for You

When you think of your upcoming wedding and all the To Do's you need to check off your list, one of the most important choices you make will be selecting the right bridal hair and makeup artist for you and your wedding party. But how?! Read on for a handy dandy checklist of the most important qualities to look for as you narrow down your search for the best beauty team (or individual) to help your squad get glam on the big day!

1. Style Compatibility

This should be the top priority for your selection process! For hair are you looking for a soft, romantic style? Something more structured? Updo? Down style? And for makeup, do you want to go full glam, or soft and natural? Maybe somewhere in between? Many artists (myself included!) have a wide range of experience in adjusting hairstyles and makeup application to precisely match the client's vision. Make sure to take advantage of all the social media channels available from any artists you are interested in to see the widest variety of what each artist is capable of. Check out my Instagram & Facebook for an up to date look at what I've been working on! Bonus will be seeing comments from past brides on photos or posts from the artist so you can get a general idea of customer satisfaction as well.

2. Technique & Training

If you can't find an artist's credentials listed on their website or social media don't hesitate to ask them what qualifications they have. Another great way to approach this topic is to ask what the artist's favourite techniques are for both makeup and hair styling. It will become more clear if you will be a good match based on this particular question!

3. Availability

If you have gone over the first two points and you are happy with what you have learned then my suggestion would be to immediately request availability from all the artists you think would be a good fit for you. Each year has only 52 weekends and these dates book up well in advance for skilled artists! Often times artists are active on Instagram (ours is a very visual profession!) so sometimes a DM will work or else email is always the gold standard! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in booking sarahmarinamakeuphair@gmail.com.

What were/are your top criteria in looking for a bridal beauty specialist? Please share any tips you have in the comments!!

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